Knee replacement operations are very painful and for the first few days you are likely to have more discomfort than you had before the operation. The good news is that the pain will quickly settle over the following days and weeks; most patients will see an improvement daily.

Though it will be painful to exercise your knee, it is very important to perform your exercises consistently on a daily basis. If necessary take pain relief medication prior to your exercises.

Hip replacement operations tend to be less uncomfortable and it is important to push on with exercises as comfort allows.

We know that patients who are excel in their rehabilitation programme will be more satisfied and have a better outcome in the long term.

At 6 weeks most patients are walking independently or at the very most using 1 stick to get about.

Between 2 – 3 months most patients are able to perform most functions of daily living independently.

Symptoms should continue to improve up to 1 year after surgery.