Your GP / specialist may refer you to Mr Jennings or you may self refer. If you are insured please check your policy as some insurance policies require you to have a GP referral.

Mr Jennings is recognised by all of the major insurance companies (including BUPA). You will need to contact your insurer prior to your appointment in order to gain authorisation for treatment. If you can provide your membership number and a relevant case number or pre-authorisation number, accounts can then be submitted directly to your insurer.

If you have trouble gaining authorisation or experience any other problem with your insurance company, please contact my secretary, who may be able to help, on 020 7486 9323.

Patients with non-UK based insurance details will be asked to pay on the day of the appointment.

Letters of guarantee from Embassies and other companies are accepted but must be provided on the day of the appointment. Failure to do so will result in you being charged on the day for your consultation.

Self Pay Fees


Operation Code Surgeon Anaesthetist Hospital Total
Robotic assisted total knee replacement W5830 £1,800.00 £900.00 £14,000.00 £16,700.00
Robotic assisted unicompartment knee replacement W5820 £1,800.00 £900.00 £14,000.00 £16,700.00
Robotic assisted revision of total replacement of knee joint W4231 £3,000.00 £1500.00 £18,000.00 £22,500.00
THR W3712 £1,800.00 £900.00 £14,000.00 £16,700.00
Robotic THR W3720 £1,800.00 £900.00 £14,000.00 £16,700.00
Revision THR W3732 £3,000.00 £1500.00 £18,000.00 £22,500.00
Tibia Osteotomy W1660 £1,500.00 £650.00 £11,000.00 £13,100.00
Arthroscopy W8500 £1,000.00 £500.00 £3,100.00 £4,600.00
Bilateral Knee Arthroscopy W8580 £1,500.00 £800.00 £4,100.00 £6,700.00
ACL Reconstruction W7420 £1,350.00 £650.00 £5,000.00 £6,700.00
Appointments Fee
New Outpatient Appointment  £300 (up to £600 for complex opinion)
Follow Up Outpatient Appointment £250 (up to £400 for complex review)

Talk To An Expert Now

Talk To An Expert Now

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