Are you in pain with your
Knee or Hip?

I’m here to help you

The UK’s Leading NAVIO Robotic Surgeon: Simon Jennings

Is your knee or hip pain preventing you from being active or even stopping you from sleeping?

Perhaps family members tell you that you’re limping, or that you’ve ‘slowed down’.

Are you fed up with not being able to exercise without pain and find it’s impossible to kneel down or tricky to put your shoes and socks on?

Maybe you’ve had lots of physiotherapy, osteopathy, injections, or even keyhole surgery in the past, but you’re still not better.

I understand. I’m Simon Jennings, and I’m an orthopaedic surgeon and I love to help people with all kinds of knee and hip problems.

I believe in providing you with a personalised service; taking you through the diagnostic process and investigations, and then we can set about bringing together a treatment plan, which may include surgery as an option.

I’m an expert in joint replacement surgery, including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and hip replacement surgery using the CORI robotic system. I am also one of the only surgeons to regularly use robotics in revision knee replacement surgery.


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My Patients Have Excellent Outcomes

My patients have excellent outcomes

If you’re somebody who’s struggling at the moment with pain or being active, please do book in to see me.

What My Patients Say

Mr Simon Jennings was appointed as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, with a special interest in knee and hip surgery, at North West London Hospitals NHS Trust in 2005.

I felt really confident that Mr Jennings was recommending treatment that would improve the problems I was experiencing. His aftercare and patience at explaining things is excellent

Couldn’t be easier or better. All stress free and straight forward. Simon Jennings was calm, assured and honest about my symptoms and potential recovery. Very much appreciated.

Hello –

I thought Simon might be interested to know that I cycled up Mt Ventoux in Provence 4 months to the day after my hip operation!

Mt Ventoux is one of the most famous and toughest cycling climbs in the world. Hip was fine!

Best regards.

Talk To An Expert Now

Talk To An Expert Now

If you’re somebody who’s struggling at the moment with pain or being active, please do book in to see me.