It is very important to flag important health issues such as:

· You have diabetes or any allergies.

· You take Warfarin, Aspirin, or any other blood thinning medicines, as you may need to stop taking this prior to your surgery.

· You are having medical or alternative treatments.

· You will not have anyone at home to help you after your discharge from hospital.

If necessary, you will need a thorough health check to ensure you are fit for the procedure. You will be seen by our highly skilled team of specialists and have appropriate medical review. You will have written instructions about medication to take prior to surgery.

You may be sent or called to fill out a full health assessment questionnaire.

For inpatient procedures a pre-assessment clinic will be arranged. Here you will have investigations such as:

· Blood tests

· Screening tests (urine/skin infection)

· ECG tracing from the heart

· Review of your medications / full health assessment.

You may wish to check with your medical insurer about payment for these tests as some insurers do NOT cover the cost and you will be expected to pay for these tests yourself.

Extensive tests are sometimes unnecessary for simple day case procedures and otherwise fit individuals.