You will be discharged home with waterproof dressings covering the surgical wound site.

If possible do not interfere with these dressings. You can shower with these dressings and dab them dry. You should not soak the dressings in a bath tub.

Unless you notice significant discharge through the dressings there is no need to review the wound. In case of any concerns with the dressing please get in touch with me on my mobile number (you will be given this contact number at the time of surgery), my office or the hospital ward where your surgery was undertaken.

To improve your comfort after your surgery large wounds will be closed with sutures under the skin and will dissolve naturally. The medical super-glue on the skin incision will peel off on its own over the next 2 – 4 weeks. There will be no drain, or staples to be removed. Small incisions (from arthroscopic surgery and some robotic surgery) will have two simple nylon stitches to be removed at 2 weeks.