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Why Use Robotics?

Knee replacement surgery requires great accuracy. In the past, traditional surgical techniques, which involved a surgeon making incisions using cutting blocks or guides, wasn’t entirely accurate.

Unfortunately, a sub-optimally placed knee replacement, might have led to a persistently grumbly knee or a knee replacement that wore out faster.

Robotic knee replacement surgery has thankfully revolutionised the outcomes of knee replacement surgery.

I carry out all my knee replacements using robotic techniques – 90% of my patients describe their new knee as being ‘excellent’, and we can anticipate that this kind of knee replacement is likely to last in excess of 20 years.

Robotic versus custom knee replacement surgery.

You may have been researching knee surgery online and are wondering what is the difference between ‘robotic’ surgery and ‘custom’ knee replacement surgery?

When we’re putting implants into patients, we need to know that implant is going to work really well mechanically, that it has a very long history of working in thousands of patients (i.e it’s not a novel implant that isn’t tried and tested), and it also needs to be put in as accurately as possible.

True custom knee replacements are effectively a new design for each and every patient, and the very nature of novel design means there isn’t the reliability of rigorous testing (because each one is different).

You may have read that custom knee replacements are uniquely tailored to the patient. In reality, our tried and tested robotic surgery system gives us enormous flexibility to be able to tailor the replacement to you with great accuracy. In other words, we get the benefit of it being a highly accurate procedure using implants that have a very long history of surgical success.

I’m sure it won’t be long before robotic knee surgery is a technique utilised for all knee replacement surgery, but I’m very pleased to be able to offer to them to my patients now.

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